Earning Extra Cash with Second Hand Items (But That’s Not Always The Case)
People prefer getting brand new items and it just makes me wonder why there are stores that accepts and pays for used products such as appliances, electronics, cars, etc.  Most banks nowadays will make it easy for you to get a new product through car loans and housing loans, for example.

Of course this is a great thing since it would help avoid adding yearly garbage deposits of unused electronics, per se.  A good example of this was in the US where more than 2 million tons of electronics were thrown away. Aside from having more trash, those electronics contain elements that can be harmful to the environment and our health. A lot of parts coming from old or used items can still be used (as is or by upgrading them). We just need to practice recycling our junk.

Enjoy Online Shopping for the Holiday Season with Lazada Philippines

It's Holiday Season once again and Christmas is fast approaching!
No doubt most of us, Filipinos are busy thinking of gifts for our love ones.

But keeping in mind how to buy them without spending too much on time and effort at the same time can already make you feel tired.

I know what you're thinking. Why not use the power of the internet?

You might already heard about online shopping. With the convenience you can enjoy, no wonder why most internet users are indulge on this service. Right in front of your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, as long as you're connected to the internet, you can purchase almost any merchandise wherever you are.

What is Shopfitting
In simple terms, shopfitting is the process of getting a new commercial property ready for opening day.
There are many different aspects of shopfitting that need to be addressed before a store can open, and there are plenty of specialists out there who work solely on creating the perfect store environment for a particular business's customers.
It is always a good move for a new business to turn to a shopfitting specialist when they are opening any kind of new store in a local area.

Five Tips to Get your Foot in the Door with Any Job
When looking to land a job, some fail to get their foot in the door. In fact, with the current economic state, many qualified and motivated workers miss out on landing their desired position. Fortunately, when a candidate takes the right steps, he or she can still land the position that they want. Here are five tips to get your foot in the door with any job.

infographic of three types of editing
"to write is human, to edit is divine"
― Stephen King
In his book, On Writing, best-selling book author Stephen King emphasized the importance of editing your work as a writer. Same on blogging, it's essential to give some time to proofread your content before you hit that 'publish' button.

To give you a quick review, below is a beautiful and clean infographic about the three types of editing. Although this graphic is originally created for book editing, but this will sure to give you some tips on proofreading your written content.
5 Ways to Reduce your Business Costs

1. Cheaper Rent

One of the ways small businesses have chosen to reduce their business costs is by reducing their rental costs. Moving out of the downtown area can reduce business costs, move the business close to the business owner's home and make the business more accessible to clients and employees. Small businesses that are located outside of major metro centers may suffer some small inconveniences but they will also find that their costs go down tremendously and that traffic is no longer an issue. Businesses can also make more inventive rental choices such as going for an older building with a remodelled interior. If you need to occasionally do business downtown you can always lease a fully equipped executive suite in San Francisco.

Tips for Helping Your Small Business Thrive in The Big Apple
The Big Apple is a great place to start a business because there is a lot of opportunity in this city. However, if you want to grow your business, then you will have to put in
a-lot of work.

Below are some tips that will help you grow your small business: