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Welcome to my blog!

I'm Jerome Ibuyan, a Filipino blogger.

But these past few years, I learned the art of

photography, videography, graphic, and web design.

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A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Pinterest Image Optimization [Infographic]

Do your blog get significant amount of traffic from Pinterest? If not, you’re missing the potential good amount of traffic from Pinterest. Why not consider to optimize your site’s images for Pinterest to maximize visibility?  From uploading an image to optimizing your pinboards, keep in mind the tips in this cool and informative infographic by […]

Six Terrific Twitter Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Twitter is always a great place for bloggers to connect and engage with their audience, not to mention can increase your blog traffic – if you know how this social network works.   If you haven’t getting any significant amount of traffic love from Twitter, here let me share six simple tactics I learned: 1.Maximize […]

Stephen King’s 13 Timeless Lessons On Writing Well [Infographic]

As the world knows him, Stephen King is one of the most admired, respected and successful book authors of all time.So back in 2002, when he published a new book, in contrast from his horror and fantasy novels, he shared his story on how he started as a writer and what he believes about the […]